“Putting the experience back in shopping”

Dolce Lighting Inc. was founded on the premise that shopping for lighting, home goods and home automation should be both an informative and engaging experience. We understand that customers not only want to see the products they are buying, but they want to be informed about what they are buying, while also receiving a client-centric experience.

Dolce Lighting’s Inc. journey began when seasoned electrician John Pirillo, who had extensive experience working with and installing lighting, realized that the customer experience in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area was not taken into consideration enough while shopping for home products, specifically lighting and home automation. With their progressive vision, they set out to create an interactive space in which guests are able to experience the product in a setting that is similar to their own home.

Overall, Dolce Lighting Inc. offers a one-stop shopping experience, where guests are encouraged to visit and interact with the gallery-like showroom, experience and learn about the features of each product and how to incorporate them into their home and complete their order. Dolce Lighting Inc. also offers complete install of their products by their certified electricians.

Dolce Offers:

A Customer-Centric Design Centre, open to both Interior Designers and the public.

A Digital Connection, where guests are able to experience first-hand the technology and design they are looking for.

An Information-Based Experience, where guests are able to obtain valuable information through word of mouth, visuals, and audio, which they would otherwise not be able to get anywhere else.

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